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How to create an Skrill account?

You should know that Skrill is one of the best and most secure virtual wallets you can have, it is fast, it is accepted almost everywhere and it is also tremendously practical, so much so that you can even ask for the physical card to be sent to your home and use it as if it were a debit card, without talking much more, then look at the steps to create a Skrill account from your mobile or pc.HOW TO CREATE A SKRILL ACCOUNT

1. ) Enter the official skrill page by clicking here.

2. ) Then you will get to the official page, just scroll down a bit to where you are asked for your email and password.

3. ) Click on the blue button that says “NEXT” and it will take you to other questions you have to fill out.

4. ) Click on “NEXT” again and you will get here:

5. ) You can enter your zip code and then click on “NEXT” and you will get here:

6. ) That’s all, now you click again on: “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” and your account will be ready, you just have to go to the email you put in Skrill to register and verify your skrill account by clicking on the link they send you in the mail and that’s it.

Your skrill account will be created and you can use it either to send money to other people with skrill, or to make deposits at sports betting shops or to pay for any goods or services that accept MasterCard.

Remember that to create a skrill account you must click here. See you soon.